Dance has again been the protagonist of the II edition of the “Unidos por la Danza” Awards that took place on April 9 in the auditorium of CaixaForum Madrid, where personalities from various fields of culture and art with professional careers excellence, figures that embody the values of work, effort and excellence that characterize the Víctor Ullate Foundation, have been recognized with these awards.

The dancer and choreographer Antonio Najarro received the award in the Dance category from the dancer Blanca del Rey; the photographer Isabel Muñoz presented the prize in the Cinema category to the actress and president of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain, Aitana Sánchez Gijón; on the other hand, the international soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta was recognized in the Music category and, although she could not attend the gala, she sent a message of thanks. The designer Palomo Spain was also honored in the Fashion category; a prize given by Paloma Sobrini Sagaseta, Director of Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid. In the Gastronomy category, Edmundo Bayón, president of Bodegas Protos, presented the award to Paco Torreblanca, Best Pastry Prize in Europe and Grand Prix of the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, and Andrea Tumbarello, a reference for Italian cuisine in Madrid, with two Soles of the Repsol Guide. The director of the Víctor Ullate Foundation, Eduardo Lao, presented the award in the Social Work Category to the Psyche Ballet Maite León Foundation. For his part, Víctor Ullate was in charge of awarding, towards the end of the gala, the Honorary Award to the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM).

After receiving the recognition, the master Ullate highlighted the professional excellence of each of the winners in their fields and thanked the attendees for being part of the Foundation, whose goal is to ensure a future as professionals to children without resources, who otherwise they could not access that powerful tool of social integration such as dance.

The artist Fátima Rueda was in charge of carrying out the works that were given to the winners in each of the categories. A donation that the master Ullate also thanked in his speech.

During the gala, which was presented by the theater company Impro Madrid, the Víctor Ullate Ballet performed some of the most emblematic pieces of his repertoire: El Arte de la Danza, Go Up, Wonderland, Voilà Ç’est Ça and Tras el Espejo, pieces that showed the ability of Dance to link different areas of Art and Culture.

The main objective of this Second Edition of the “Unidos por la Danza” Awards has been to give visibility to the work of the Foundation in order to continue raising funds that will be allocated to the Víctor Ullate Foundation, in order to continue helping children with large skills for Dance and scarce economic resources so that they can achieve their dream of becoming dancers.

In this Secon Edition, Caixa Obra Social, Bodegas Protos, Casa Santoña, Monte Nevado, Boffard and Freixenet have collaborated.


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