Choreography: Víctor Ullate

Music: Various artist

Scenography: Paco Azorín

Lighting: Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I)

Costume Design: Anna Güel

Master of Tai-chi: Pedro Valencia

Scenography set up: Taller de Escenografía Sant Cugat


Samsara premiered at Madrid’s Teatros del Canal in 2006. This abstraction of the senses uses the alliance of bodily movement and music to transport the viewer to the lands that produced the varied repertoire of music that make up this piece: Egypt, Iran, India, Nepal, China, Japan…

“Dance allows me to create a link between different cultures, so I can introduce touches of rhythm, beauty and social criticism into the context of the group of countries I have visited over all these years, which have left their mark in my life with their memory and influence.

Once again, I aim to continue the circle of life and death through dance, which is my means of expressing myself. Rather than giving Samsara a meaning, I have simply sought to convey what I felt at delicate and crucial times in my life; when all seemed lost, my heart took me to the East. Now, thanks to the professionalism of my dancers, I am able to express this on stage and share it with the audience.”

Víctor Ullate

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