Choreography: Víctor Ullate

Music: Enrique Morente

Performed by: Enrique Morente and Estrella Morente

Stage Directors: Víctor Ullate and Eduardo Lao

Set and Costume Design: Pedro Moreno

Dye Workshop: María Calderón

Lighting: Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I.)

Portrait of Enrique Morente: Manuel Montaño

Premiered on 15 September 2005 at the Teatro Principal de Zaragoza.

Víctor Ullate is back with El Sur, a new version inspired by the musical maestro Enrique Morente with his artistic talent and his love of music and dance. These two friends share their passion for the south of Spain (El Sur) and everything it represents. This spectacular dance show is deeply rooted in Andalusia and embodies a fusion of two different universes: dance as a means of expression, and Andalusian sentiment as a way of understanding life. The audience are transported to a complex and fascinating South by the sheer power and feeling behind the singing, the harmony of the dance and the way the performers seem to float in costumes full of evocative prints.

El Sur tells the story of the life and death of a man and a woman; of how life tears two lovers apart, only for death to reunite them forever. In short, El Sur is a feeling.

El Sur incorporates “Quiebro”, a piece that was danced in the Art Museum Reina Sofía, in an exceptional performance on the occasion of the International Day of Dance 2014.

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