El Arte de la Danza

Choreographies: Víctor Ullate y Eduardo Lao

Lighting: Paco Azorín

Costume design: Víctor Ullate, Eduardo Lao, Pedro Moreno y Carlos Javier Martín

Musics: Frédéric Chopin, In Slaugther Natives, Richard Wagner, Gaetano Donizetti, W.A. Mozart, Bebe, Lura, David Byrne & Caetano Veloso, Fisher & Roberts, Tony Pastor, Massive Attack, Madredeus, Lisa Gerrard, Antonio Chainho y Kodo.

El Arte de la Danza (The Art of Dance) premiered in 2010 at the Teatro Cuyás in las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This choreography aims to highlight the importance of the only element without which dance would not be possible: the dancer. Dancers specialise in a whole host of techniques and styles with the aim of pursuing one of the most complete and universal arts that man can produce, using the most perfect element or instrument ever created: the human body. El Arte de la Danza reveals the different nuances and perceptions that two choreographers are capable of discerning in a given element, with the realisation that everyone has a different understanding of the sensitivity of each dancer.

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