Après toi

Choreography: Víctor Ullate

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven

Staging: Eduardo Lao

Lighting: Eduardo Lao

Costume Design: Víctor Ullate

Premiered at the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca in November 2009.

Après toi is a piece designed by Víctor Ullate as a tribute to his master, Maurice Bèjart. And how better to describe the work’s meaning than in the words of the choreographer himself: “Music always takes me on a journey to imaginary places, it reminds me of situations and moments passed; some pieces are linked to the image of specific people, as is the case with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, which is closely bound to my memories of Maurice. In my mind there is an inevitable parallelism between Beethoven’s music and Maurice’s personality: delicate, genius and magnificent – those are the characteristics they share. My most heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for what you have shown and taught me, which I will always be proud to convey, though only, of course, après toi (after you).”

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