Choreography: Eduardo Lao

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven

Set Design: Paco Azorín

Lighting: Paco Azorín

Costume Design: Eduardo Lao

Premiered at the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid in February 2008.

Eduardo Lao created this beautiful, thought-provoking choreography with the aim of representing the ups and downs of a three-person relationship. Using a pas de trois, Lao illustrates what happens when a third person enters a relationship – be it of friendship, love or any other kind. In doing so, he manages to perfectly portray what that third person adds to and takes from the relationship and the changes that arise; then, at the end, all that remains is uncertainty. The triangle is played by three masterful dancers, supported by three of Beethoven’s compositions: firstly, the Moonlight Sonata (Sonata No. 14), followed by the German composer’s Sonatas No. 2 and 5.

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