Choreography: Víctor Ullate

Art assistant direction: Eduardo Lao

Music: Maurice Ravel and Manisero (performed by La Argentinita)

Lighting: Paco Azorín

Costume Design: Ana Güell

Costume Making: Amparo Coll

The contrast between femininity and masculinity is the essence of Bolero, the latest creation by Víctor Ullate, premiered at the Opéra de Vichy in June 2013. Inspired by the music of Maurice Ravel and set in the 1920s, Bolero pays homage to the era of compositions and ballets that this decade represented, which changed the concept of dance as an exclusively feminine affair. This new version by Ullate turns back to the original choreography, where a couple were the key feature. Thus, the scenography is based on the man-woman dichotomy, surrounded by a host of dancers performing in couples.

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