Since 2000 we intensely work to be able to grant Scholarships to boys and girls with great dacing aptitudes and low economic resourses, so that they can be trained with us as Dance professionals, as has happened with other young students who started this adventure with us, and who are currently dancing in the best companies of the world. Help us to fulfill their dream Because of all of the above and because we know you are a Dance lover and you are worried about many young promises that do not have the necessary resources, we want to ask you to help us continue to build the pillars that will...


The Víctor Ullate Dance Foundation in an organization that is always in constant growth. We are fully aware that the true essence of our Foundation is thanks to our boys and girls, future Dance promises, so we are always eager to discover new talents. Maybe you are one of them, so if you are a dance lover and you are between 11 and 18 years old, do not hesitate to contact us at +34 91 431 20 23  or via email: We will be more than happy to meet you in person! Thanks to the Víctor Ullate Dance Foundation, you can also see your dream fulfilled.


We are a non-profit organization that was established more than ten years ago by the hand of Víctor Ullate with the purpose of supporting and spreading the art of Dance with a clear social vocation. The main purpose of this beautiful initiative is the promotion of classical ballet in all its facets, as well as the technical and human training of young dancers who meet a series of essential requirements. Who are our boys and girls? They are children underage with great dancing aptitudes and in vulnerable situations. The selection of children goes through an audition that must be overcome and an evaluation...

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