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30 años de Danza

A show that honors the thirty years of trajectory of the Company and that gathers extracts of the most emblematic choreographies of his repertoire. CHOREOGRAPHERS: Víctor Ullate, Eduardo Lao STAGING: Eduardo Lao MUSIC: Carl Orff, Johann Sebastian Bach, Luis Delgado, Philip Glass, Rene Aubry, Jocelyn Pook, Mahabharata, Ethiopian Musicians, Hamza El Din, John Williams, Michael Stearns, Dead can Dance, Kodo, Max Richter, Ludwig van Beethoven, Leo Delibes, Ben Frost, Georges Bizet, Antonio Vivaldi, Arvo Pärt SCENOGRAPHY: Paco Azorín LIGHTING: Eduardo Lao COSTUME DESIGN: Víctor...


A story dating from over a century ago seen from a new angle: contemporary, modern, ground-breaking. An updated vision of the myhth of the femme fatale. CHOREOGRAPHER: Víctor Ullate ART DIRECTION: Eduardo Lao PLOT: Víctor Ullate and Eduardo Lao MUSIC: Georges Bizet, Pedro Navarrete Orchestration and arrangements: Pedro Navarrete LIGHTING DESIGN & SCENOGRAPHY: Paco Azorín COSTUME DESIGN: Anna Güell VIDEO CREATION: Eduardo Lao Recording: José Vinader y Olga Santos Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid Conductor: Manuel Coves HAIRDRESSING STYLIST:...

Pastoral de L.V. Beethoven

CHOREOGRAPHY: Víctor Ullate MUSIC: Ludwig Van Beethoven STAGING ELEMENTS: Paco Azorín LIGHTING DESIGN: Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I) COSTUME DESIGN: Ikerne Giménez L.V. Beethoven’s Pastoral is the path of life: childhood, the years of awakening, maturity, until we reach old age and death. The magic of Dance resuscitates the protagonists in the afterlife: dancing, old people come back to life and rejuvenate. Tierra Madre y Pastoral de L.V. Beethoven from Víctor Ullate Ballet on Vimeo.

Tierra Madre

CHOREOGRAPHY: Eduardo Lao MUSIC: Mari Boine Persen COSTUME DESIGN AND LIGHTING DESIGN: Keso Dekker In Tierra Madre the dreams and hopes of the human being are focused on nature, turned into songs and Dance. As seeds that await in the snow their awakening, our heart goes to Mother Earth. Tierra Madre y Pastoral de L.V. Beethoven from Víctor Ullate Ballet on Vimeo.

El Amor Brujo

CHOREOGRAPHY: Víctor Ullate ART ASSISTANT DIRECTION: Eduardo Lao MUSIC: Manuel De Falla, Luis Delgado, In Slaughter Natives LIGHTING DESIGN AND STAGING ELEMENTS: Paco Azorín LIGHTING DESIGN ASSISTANT: Pedro Chamizo COSTUME DESIGN: María Araujo DYE WORKSHOP: María Calderón SOUND DESIGN: Miguel Lizarraga VIDEO CREATION: Greyman   Here is a fresh take on the piece that was premiered by Víctor Ullate on 28 May 1994 at the Maestranza Theatre in Seville. The new version introduces a change in the staging and costumes with a view to making light the most...

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