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Every year our Company organizes an Audition, and this year will be on Monday the 5th of March, in order to continue nurturing its staff of dancers from all over the world, thus increasing the talent and possibilities of the Víctor Ullate Ballet.   We are looking for experienced soloists dancers who master classical and contemporary techniques for the season. If interested, please send an email enclosing CV, photos and video to

The famous Spanish dancer Lucía Lacarra will be the new Artistic Director of the Víctor Ullate Ballet- Comunidad de Madrid

Lucía Lacarra takes the head of the Víctor Ullate Ballet - Comunidad de Madrid’s Artistic Direction since next season 2018/ 2019   Lucía Lacarra, one of the most important dancers internationally, will take the head of the Víctor Ullate Ballet - Comunidad de Madrid’s Artistic Direction since the next season, which will start on September 2018. Lacarra is receiving the baton of the Company Artistic Direction from Eduardo Lao, who contributes with his strong background as a dancer and a vast international experience. The Basque dancer studied and started her professional...


Choreography: Víctor Ullate Music: Enrique Morente Performed by: Enrique Morente and Estrella Morente Stage Directors: Víctor Ullate and Eduardo Lao Set and Costume Design: Pedro Moreno Dye Workshop: María Calderón Lighting: Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I.) Portrait of Enrique Morente: Manuel Montaño Premiered on 15 September 2005 at the Teatro Principal de Zaragoza. Víctor Ullate is back with El Sur, a new version inspired by the musical maestro Enrique Morente with his artistic talent and his love of music and dance. These two friends share their passion for the south...


Choreography: Eduardo Lao Music: Ludwig van Beethoven Set Design: Paco Azorín Lighting: Paco Azorín Costume Design: Eduardo Lao Premiered at the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid in February 2008. Eduardo Lao created this beautiful, thought-provoking choreography with the aim of representing the ups and downs of a three-person relationship. Using a pas de trois, Lao illustrates what happens when a third person enters a relationship – be it of friendship, love or any other kind. In doing so, he manages to perfectly portray what that third person adds to and takes from the relationship...


Choreography: Víctor Ullate Music: Luis Delgado Costume design: Eduardo Lao Scenography: Carles Pujol Lighting: Paco Azorín The Ullate-Delgado alliance once again constitutes the avant-garde of Spain’s innovative dance and music trends, thanks to this beautifully balanced piece of outstanding expressive power. Seguiriya premiered in 2000 in the Teatre-Auditori in Sant Cugat and is considered a merge between classical contemporary dance and flamenco flair, a combination that has strongly influenced this Company’s style of dancing and choreographing.

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