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Choreography: Arantxa Sagardoy y Alfredo Bravo Music: Igor Stravinski Costume design: Anna Güell Lighting: Paco Azorín A choreography with a contemporary touch by Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo, which premiered at Madrid’s Teatros del Canal in October 2012. The piece bears witness to the complexity of the dancers’ every move, as they enact an unsettling metamorphosis in the form of a ritual. This ‘ceremony’ seeks to grasp the youth, power and vitality of the human being. The ritual is the nexus – hence the title nexo – between an ever-changing, cyclic nature and the divide...

Audición Solistas – Soloist Dancers

Soloist Dancers (male and female) February 13th, 2014 at 11am Studio du Marais - Mr Ghislain de Compreignac Tel.01 42 77 58 19 Minimum age 20 years old Please, send CV, video and photo for pre selection to:

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